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Our First Friday for July has been moved back to the Pavilion (instead of Main Hall) since it's not suppose to rain tonight.  Thanks.  Please tell your friends.

The Joseph L Davis American Legion Post 47 Update

The Joseph L Davis American Legion Post 47 has come a long way in the last several years and we would like to provide our membership an update on our Post’s status. In 2011, our Post was in financial distress, our facility was in disrepair and the future of the Post was in question. At that time, our members were presented with a major decision; we could either sell the Post to alleviate the debt it had acquired, or enter into an agreement with the American Legion Department of Maryland to receive a loan for $100,000. The Department would then hold title to the property until the loan was repaid and we overcame our issues. There were many Post meetings held with more than 100 members in attendance in regards to this decision. The overall consensus of our membership was to save the Post! The overall support for the Post was overwhelming! Shortly after this time period, new Post officers were elected to office, a new executive committee was selected, and a new group of volunteers stepped up to the challenge!  Donations came in from our members across the country. Thousands of volunteer hours have been devoted to fundraising events for the Post, the community, and our veterans. As of today, the mortgage is paid well in advance and could be paid off by the end of the year. Over $60,000.00 of improvements have been made to the facility. The Post has been involved in numerous local programs that support our community and our veterans. We built a garage/workshop for disabled veteran in one day!  We sponsor multiple children and youth programs, assist in sponsoring a homeless veteran’s shelter, and have participated in the Special Olympics Polar Bear plunge.  We have both participated in and donated thousands of dollars in gifts to the Christmas in January program and similar programs at Perry Point.  The Post heads both Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies for the city of Havre de Grace.  We provide financial aid and assistance to local veterans in need, and much more. However, there is much more we could do and should do!


Do you know where your membership dues go? The Joseph L Davis American Legion Post 47 annual membership dues are currently $40.00 per year. From those dues $30.50 go to National headquarters and department of MD to support our veteran’s and not-for profit charitable organizations. These donations exceed $2.3 million each year. Check out where your dues go at the Department of Maryland website:

The remaining $9.50 of your membership dues goes to your Post. This equals approximately $5,130.00 per year. Obviously $5,130.00 is not enough money to pay the mortgage, support the Post operating expenses, and support the local programs we support. The majority of the money comes from various Post fund raising activities put on byvolunteer members!




Commander - Estimated hours per week: 10

1st Vice Commander - Estimated hours per week: 6

2nd Vice Commander - Estimated hours per week: 5

Adjutant - Estimated hours per week: 4

Financial Officer - Estimated hours per week: 4

Service Officer - Estimated hours per week: 1-2

Chaplin - Estimated hours per week: 1

Sergeant-at-Arms - Estimated hours per week: .25

Historian - Estimated hours per week: .25

Judge advocate - Estimated hours per week: .25

Executive committee - Estimated hours per week: 1


Americanism - Estimated hours per week: .25

Children and Youth - Estimated hours per week: 25

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation - Estimated hours per week: .25

Membership & Post Activities - Estimated hours per week: .25

Media & Communications - Estimated hours per week: .5

Finance - Estimated hours per week: .25

Economic - Estimated hours per week: .25

House - Estimated hours per week: .25

Service - Estimated hours per week: .25


Please consider why you are a member of The American Legion and what The American Legion stands for!  Are you willing to donate some of your time to support our veterans and the community?  Throughout April and May the Post will be looking for volunteers to fill all the positions above. These positions will be voted on in the month of June prior to the MD Legion convention held in July at Ocean City, MD.