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SHAVE TO CURE CANCER!!!!! Our Post Events Coordinator, Post Manager and Jacqueline of all Trades at our Post has volunteered to have her head shaven for the 3d year in a row in order to raise money to help cure cancer.  Every two minutes a child is diagnosed with Cancer.    Please make a donation to fight this disease.  Donations can be made online:  We don't know at which time she will have her head shaved, but, as soon as we know, will let everyone know.  What we do know is that it will be done at Bill Bateman's Bistro on the 31st of March.

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The American Legion can only be a success through our Volunteers

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Did you know between regular Legion members (Legionnaires), the Sons of the American Legion (SAL) and The American Legion Auxiliary (AUX) there are over 1100 members of Post 47?  Over the last several years volunteerism has grown, but all too often it has been the same officers and volunteers  (25-30 of them) that have continually supported all events that have made your Post successful again. These members are getting tired, but do not want to quit or see the Post fail.  They need your help! They want you to be in the new group of volunteers and officers that ensure the successful future of Post 47.

Just think what a difference it would make if 1100 members devoted one hour a month. Your support whether 15 minutes, one hour, one afternoon, one day, a week or whatever it may be, can make a tremendous difference in our Post and the programs we support!
I would like each of you to ask yourself, what have you done for The American Legion lately? Please help us continue our support of these great efforts by visiting your Post more frequently and becoming more involved. Our regular Post meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month, please join us!  Volunteering provides the opportunity to meet new friends, face new experiences and challenges, develop new skills, raise awareness, support important veteran and community issues, and make it a family event or a day with friends.
Volunteerism both now and especially in the future is key to the continued success of The American Legion Post 47!  There are many designated positions in The American Legion.  If you're interested in one, please let us know.  We can establish new friendships and grow our Post family and the programs we stand for.
 A list of all American Legion Post positions as noted by the Department of MD will be provided below.  The majority of these positions require attendance at a one hour monthly Post meeting.  Many other tasks can be accomplished from your own home (other than monthly meetings).  The officer positions require more time, but with more volunteerism their time can be reduced.  The existing team would love to assist and educate new volunteers for future positions!    Remember - You are the future of Post 47.

A list of needed volunteer positions for our events will be posted soon.   :)  Sign-up sheets are also posted in our Lounge.